September is “All American Breakfast Month”! Here is a Yummy Twist on a Classic!!

In honor of September being “All American Breakfast Month” we wanted to start your month off right with something delicious from Boca Grove’s Executive Chef Dominick Laudia. Below is Chef’s Fresh Peach and Mascarpone Stuffed French Toast.


1 each fresh peach

2 tbls butter

2 tbls cinnamon sugar

½ cup mascarpone

1 tbls cinnamon sugar

2 slices Thick cut Challah or Texas toast

2 each eggs

½ cup milk

2 tbls cinnamon sugar

1 tbls vanilla extract

1 tsp orange zest

As needed butter

1 cup maple syrup

2 oz Bourbon


Dice ½ peach, sauté with 1 tbls of butter and cinnamon sugar till soft, chill.

Combine with mascarpone and additional cinnamon sugar.

Place inside sliced bread and chill for 30 minutes.

Make batter with eggs, milk, cinnamon sugar, vanilla and orange zest.

Dip in batter and sauté in pan with butter until golden brown on both sides.

Place in 350 degree oven for 5 minutes.

Reduce bourbon in pan by half, add syrup.

Take remaining half peach and cut into wedges.

Sauté in butter and cinnamon sugar.

To plate:

Cut French toast in half, garnish with a dollop of fresh whipped cream, mint, powdered sugar, strawberries and peach wedges. Drizzle with bourbon maple syrup.

It is delicious! Don’t believe us, make it for your next breakfast and you will agree. This will become your favorite way to eat the classic French toast.

“Be Kind to Humankind Week” May Be Ending But the Acts Shouldn’t.

“Be Kind to Humankind Week” ends today, however we feel that it should be followed every day of every week. Here is a re-cap from all of our posts from the last week in being kind to your fellow humans.

Trendy Compliments:

You see someone who is wearing a pair of shoes you admire, a skirt or pants you like, a top that looks just right or an outfit that fits perfectly. Do you say something or keep it to yourself? If you answered the latter now is the time to change it. When you share your compliment to them those few short words can mean even more to that person. It is a small feat that can make a big impact and make someone’s day.

Where You Live Charities:

Do you love to give of your time and give to those in need? The Boca Guide has a list of charities in the community that are always looking for volunteers. A little of your time can mean a ton to someone else.

Fitness Etiquette:

When you work out there are a few simple etiquette tips to be kind to your fellow gym goers. First and foremost, clean up after yourself. Put away your weights and clean off the equipment you used. Save your cell phone calls for outside of the gym, not while you are working out. Finally, perfume and cologne are great for wearing everywhere but not in the gym.

Tennis Etiquette:

When it comes to tennis, it doesn’t take much to be kind to your fellow players, but sometimes everyone needs a few reminders. Understanding and using proper tennis etiquette on the court leads to fun every time. Always remember to be a positive competitor, leave the bad temper and negative attitude off the court. Good ball management is important to keep the speed of the game going. It is always good to be courteous in warm-ups and on close calls. This will keep your tennis calendar full and your games enjoyable.

Golf Etiquette:

Practicing good golf etiquette makes the game more enjoyable for everyone! Here are two very easy things that if done regularly can lead to better conditions on the golf course that will make your game and everyone else’s more enjoyable. Make sure to fill your divots and fix your ballmarks correctly. If you have questions or need help, stop by the Boca Grove Pro Shop and they will show you proper technique.

Dining Etiquette:

Proper application of dining etiquette is important to make sure you and your guests enjoy every dining experience. Start by making dining reservations whenever necessary to make sure your dining needs are met. It is kind to treat not only your guests properly, but also your server. Use your servers name when necessary and be polite when something goes wrong. Be prepared when ordering and keep your conversation within your table. When you make the effort to follow proper dining etiquette everyone will enjoy their meal.

fdfc5-be-kind-to-others“Be Kind to Humankind Week” may only last for a week, but if you keep these few tips in your arsenal then you will always be kind to your fellow man (or woman) all year long. Here is to being kind all the time!

“Be Kind to Humankind Week” is Hitting a “Scrumptious Sunday” Note.

Being in the restaurant business, one of the biggest challenges Boca Grove Food & Beverage Director Pierre Leon has is enjoying dinner out. Here are his tips for proper dining etiquette so that he and the company he is with will enjoy their dining experience during “Be Kind to Humankind Week” and all the weeks there after.

Patio DiningThe application of effective dining etiquette:

  • First and foremost, you should know if a reservation is required. All restaurants want your business but if they don’t know you are coming, you are reducing their chances of satisfying your dining needs.
  • Starting with the initial approach of your server greeting you at the table and introducing themselves – it is best to acknowledge them and say “hi” back. This can will help you later on should you need them, instead of saying, “Excuse me” you can call them by name.
  • Then think about what you want to drink so you are prepared when it comes time to order drinks. It is also helpful to specify exactly how you want your cocktail to be prepared since you are the one drinking it.
  • Please read the menu thoroughly so you know exactly what you would like to eat. While most Chefs will accommodate your request, making too many of them may slow the whole kitchen down.
  • When you are dining out, you are sharing the space with a lot of other people. Their reason for being out may be different from yours. Keep your laughs and jokes for your friends at your table. Great atmosphere at a restaurant is a good thing, but raucous laughter and profanity when people are seated close to you is rude and offensive. Pay attention to who is seated around you.
  • If you are religious and pray before you eat, it is preferable to do so shortly before the course is served.
  • If you are the host, pay attention to your guests being served and ask them if they need anything.
  • Once you are done with your course, keep your silverware crossed it lets your server know you are finished with your meal.

If you apply the proper dining etiquettes when you are dining out with friends everyone will have an enjoyable meal. Bon Appetit!

“Swingin’ Saturday” and “Be Kind to Humankind Week” Have Collided.

It is “Swingin’ Saturday” at Boca Grove and it is “Be Kind to Humankind Week” everywhere, so we have collected some tennis and golf tips from our Director of Tennis Richard Centerbar and our First Assistant Golf Pro Duke Trombetti to help us to continue to be kind to our fellow athletes.

Tennis Etiquette:

tennisWhen it comes to tennis, it doesn’t take much to be kind to your fellow players, but sometimes everyone needs a few reminders. Understanding and using proper tennis etiquette on the court leads to fun every time.

  • The good thing about tennis is you only need one person to play. Even though this is true, some players struggle to get a game because they are challenged finding skill level, or that person just isn’t fun on the court because of negative personalities, bad tempers and being overly competitive with bad line calls. It’s the person who has the skills to have positive competitive fun while playing a match who gets all the games. When you find yourself being too competitive against the opponent instead of the ball – remember this.
  • Good ball management makes a difference in your game as well. Don’t slow your game down when getting the ball to the server, it can cause irritation by the other players. Help speed things up by keeping a ball in your hand pocket. If it bothers you to play that way, then keep some balls at the back fence directly behind the center mark for easy access.
  • Warm-ups are an important part of tennis and being kind. When you are warming up try to place your shots to your opponent; in doubles use two balls. Warm-ups are not the time to be competitive and hit your power shots and winners, it is time to rally with each other. If you feel the need to practice a big shot, let your opponent know before you do so.
  • Close calls can cause conflict on the courts. If you are not 100% sure whether your opponent’s shot is in or out, then it is in. The person closest to the ball calls the shot when it is on their side of the court.  When receiving a serve in a doubles match, the partner closest to the service line is the one who should call the serve because they have the better angle.
  • Behavior and attitude are very important when it comes to being kind during a tennis game. If you are having a bad game, refrain from shouting and looking rejected. Your attitude affects how you play, give your opponent the credit if they are beating you, keep your head up and stay positive. Playing the blame game is the wrong way to go as well. Don’t blame the wind, say the balls were dead, that you got bad bounces on the court. The court is the same on both sides, plus you are also changing sides every two games, so don’t play the blame game.

Golf Etiquette:

Practicing good golf etiquette makes the game more enjoyable for everyone! Here are two very easy things that if done regularly can lead to better conditions on the golf course that will make your game and everyone else’s more enjoyable.

  • Fill your divots!divot fill
    • Divots are going to happen, but if we properly repair them they will heal faster. Once a divot is made, you should lightly sand the divot with the sand in your golf cart sand bucket or sand bottle.filled divot
    • Not enough sand or too much sand will cause the divot to take a longer time to heal. It needs just enough sand to cover the divot level with the surface of the grass.
  • Fix your ballmarks!
    • Ballmarks on the greens can also take a long time to heal if not properly fixed or not fixed at all. So please repair all of your ballmarks plus one more every time you get on the green.
    • Sample of ballmark repair:ballmark_yes ballmark_no

Whether you are hitting the courts or teeing it up don’t forget these easy etiquette tips to make your games much more enjoyable for you and your opponents/partners.

“Be Kind to Humankind Week” is at the Halfway Mark with “Fit Friday”.

Boca Grove’s Fitness Director David Schlueter has provided some reminders on proper gym etiquette for our halfway point of “Be Kind to Humankind Week” on this “Fit Friday”.

gym etiquetteFitness Etiquette:

When you work out there are a few simple etiquette tips to do to be kind to your fellow gym goers.

  • The most important etiquette to follow is cleaning up after yourself. All it takes is re-raking your weights or wiping down the machines when you are finished.
  • Keeping cell phone conversations for outside of the gym is also being courteous to your fellow gym goers. They don’t want to hear your cell phone conversation as much as you don’t want to hear theirs.
  • The final tip is to not wear perfume or cologne when you come to work-out. Most of the time the smell gets to be overpowering and can in turn make others nauseous, especially if the other people are allergic to the smell.

These three simple things can make the world of difference to your fellow gym goers. Why not take the extra steps to be kind to your exercise buddies all the time, not just this week.

Your Home is Your Safe Haven. Here are Tips to Help Keep it That Way.

A Safe Home is a Happy Home!

National Safety at Home Week started yesterday (August 23) and we want to make sure you keep your home safe all year long. The National Safety Council has a checklist perfect for doing just that, keeping your home safe.

The following checklist is to be used by walking through each room of your home and checking for hazards. As the items apply you should check them off. If one is applicable and cannot be checked, be sure to fix it as soon as possible, or when it is appropriately needed.


  • Have a sturdy step stool with handrails, or a utility ladder to be able to reach high cabinets or shelves.
  • Hazardous products (household cleaners, disinfectants and insecticides) are stored in their original labeled containers separate from food.
  • Knives are kept in a special rack or compartment.
  • Oven mitts, pot holders and towels are stored away from the stove.
  • Pot handles are always turned away from the front of the stove.
  • The pressure gauge on a fire extinguisher is checked monthly – if the needle is in green it is still good, if the needle is anywhere else it needs to be replaced.
  • Fire extinguisher is mounted on a bracket on the wall near the exit.
  • Broiler, oven and ventilation ducts are free from grease.


  • Have a slip-resistant surface in the shower or tub.
  • Grab bars are installed in bathrooms or shower stalls.
  • Electrical appliances are unplugged when not in use.
  • Slip-resistant rugs are in place on bathroom floors.

Living Room:

  • Have a safety screen in front of the fireplace.
  • Slip-resistant floor coverings and rugs on the floor.
  • Walkways are clear of obstacles (toys, papers, shoes).
  • Stairs, hallways and passageways are well lit.
  • Sturdy handrails installed for all steps and stairways.
  • Carpeting, stairway treads and risers are in good condition.
  • Electrical cords are secured.
  • TVs are properly secured to walls or in a sturdy cabinet.


  • Phone and flashlight are located near beds.
  • Lamp or light switch is within reach of bed.
  • Bed frame is against the wall without gaps.
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are outside of sleeping area, with a working battery.
  • Walkway and all exit routes are clear of clutter.

Utility Room or Basement:

  • Working smoke detector located in basement and every other floor.
  • Gas and water lines are tagged (so that you can turn them off in an emergency).
  • Location of main electrical switch is known.
  • It is known how to light the pilot on your gas furnace and water heater.
  • Washer and dryer are electrically grounded.
  • Tools are properly stored and out of reach of children.
  • Have an emergency kit in case of hazardous weather.

Garage and driveway:

  • Power tools and hazardous chemicals are locked away in cabinets.
  • Flammable materials (gasoline or oil-soaked rags) are stored in appropriate safe containers.
  • It is known to never turn your vehicle or other gas-powered equipment with the garage door closed.
  • Garage and driveway are well maintained and free of slip and trip hazards, such as cracks or uneven surfaces.

Outside the house:

  • Lighting in place around steps, walkways, patios and driveways.
  • Children’s play equipment, (slides, swing set) are securely anchored.
  • If you have a pool, it is covered or surrounded by a high fence.
  • Trees and shrubs around your home are maintained by trimming overhanging branches and removing leaves from gutters.
  • Heavy snow (we have a lot of it in Florida) is removed from the roof with a roof rake.

Smoke Detectors:

  • Test them every month.
  • Change the batteries every month.
  • Replace the entire unit every 10 years.

Follow this checklist and you will have no problem keeping your home safe and happy.

Senior Citizen Day? How About Senior Fit Day!

August 21 (today) is Senior Citizen Day, but we here at Boca Grove think of it more as Senior Fit Day. Boca Grove’s Fitness Director David Schlueter gives the following drills and tips to help keep you fit whether you are a “Senior Citizen” or not.

Balance Makes Perfect:

Balance is important for everyone. Here are some exercises to help keep you centered.

    balanceBalance Drills:

  • Stand heal to toe. This is a starting point. This way you are still on two feet, but the base is like being on one.
  • Standing on one leg. Progress to this once you are ready to take the leap.

Stand Tall and Walk Proud:

This is ideal for those that don’t look up when they are walking and shuffle their feet.

superman1superman2superman3Posture Drills:

  • Superman’s – Lay face down on the floor with extended limbs. Lift right arm and left leg simultaneously, then switch and lift the left arm and right leg, then lift all four limbs up off the floor together.
  • Superman’s strengthen the neck, back, butt and hamstrings; all which help improve posture.

marchingWalking Drills:

  • Marching drills – Allow you to work on steps, therefore, working on proper stride and lifting up of the feet.

Water Works:
Pool exercises are great for old, young and anyone in between.

Why Water?

  • Water usually allows for better range of motion and does not put pressure on the joints.DSC_4809_2
  • Water aerobics allow full body workouts for all ages.
  • The water does not add additional pounding to the body.

Pound for Pound:

Lifting weights is important, no matter how old you are.

            Why Weights?

  • Weight lifting is beneficial for bone density and your heart.

Exercise does not have an age limit, neither should you to stay fit.