Tips to Avoid Internet Fraud During Holiday Shopping

online-shopping-concept_23-2147516271It is the big shopping time of the year in store and online. Many people are turning to online shopping with free shipping and great deals so they no longer have to fight the crowds and long lines. They can find everything in one place with just the click of a button. Below are tips from Boca Grove Director of Security Jim Weaver and the Federal Trade Commission on how to avoid internet fraud.


Internet Tips to Avoid Fraud:

  • Know who you are doing business with. Make sure you know where the business is physically located and that the company is trustworthy. By shopping online you are now opening yourself up to shopping anywhere in the world, down the street, across the country, even on the other side of the globe. Resolving a discrepancy of any sort with a company foreign to you can end up being more complicated than dealing with a well-known company that is more local.
  • Understand the offer. Make sure you read all the small print and know all the details. If you have questions, ask. A legitimate company will be willing to provide answers, a fraudulent one won’t. Make sure you know what is exactly being sold, the total price, the delivery date, the return and cancellation policy and the terms of any guarantees. The federal telephone and mail order rule, which covers online sales, requires goods or services to be delivered by the promised time, or if there is no time listed, within 30 days. Make sure to print out all the information so that you have documentation if you need it.
  • Check out the company’s track record. Check with the state or local consumer protection agency if the company you are shopping with is unknown to make sure it is licensed or registered if need be. Check with consumer agencies or the Better Business Bureau about the company’s complaint record. Just keep in mind that a lack of a complaint record does not necessarily make a company legitimate.
  • Take your time to decide. Even if there is a time limit for a special offer, with companies that are not legitimate they are a danger sign for fraud.
  • Be aware that there are differences between private sales and sales by a business. All kinds of goods and services are sold or traded by individuals through unsolicited e-mails, newsgroup postings, chat room discussions, web auctions and online classified advertisements. In most cases people are honest, however, in the cases where they are not your legal rights against the individual seller may not be the same as they are with a business, and you could have problems pursuing your complaint if the merchandise is misrepresented, defective or never delivered.
  • online-shopping1You could be better off paying by credit card than with a check, cash or money order, as long as you know the person or company is legit. When you use your credit card and there is a problem, you can notify your credit card company that you are disputing the charge, and you don’t have to pay it while your dispute is being investigated. It is easier to resolve a problem if you haven’t already paid. Also, unless you are purchasing through a secured site (if it is secure, it says so on the website), it may be safer to provide your payment information by phone or mail versus online.
  • Don’t judge reliability by how well done the website is designed. Anyone can create, register and promote a website; it’s relatively easy and inexpensive. There is no guarantee either that the site has been screened or approved by anyone.


Can-Online-Shopping-Be-Secured1Take advantage of those great online sales this holiday season, just make sure you are purchasing from reliable companies or individuals. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. Happy, smart shopping to all, and to all a good night.

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Parties!

It is that time of year when holiday parties abound and for some, the time to host their yearly get together. If you are one of those people who loves to host a holiday party, here are some tips from Boca Grove Food and Beverage Director Pierre Leon on how to make the party planning a little less stressful.


You-Are-InvitedThe first thing you need to do is check your calendar and plan your party when most of your invitees can attend. You don’t want to go to all the work and have no one show up, so send out a “save-the-date” invite to everyone you want to have at the party by way of a text to make sure they have the date clear. If you get a large response that the date doesn’t work, change it. It is easier for you to change your date than hope that the others can change their conflicts to be able to attend yours. Once your date is finalized, send out your invites as early as possible. Don’t forget, you are not the only one having a party this time of year.


Now that you have sent out your invitations you can start to plan your party. There are three main components of any party outside of the guests. The first part is ambiance that is driven by the décor. Food is the second component to planning your party and should go in hand with your décor. The third is the wine and spirits that need to pair well with the food you are serving.


Christmas place settingCreate your ambiance with lights, candles, special tablecloths and napkins, as well as seasonal music to help set the tone. The internet is a great place to get ideas and inspiration for your party décor.  Pinterest can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to planning a party with the perfect plan or too many options. If you need to order anything online, make sure it will arrive with enough time before the party in case there is a need for adjustments; plus you don’t want it scheduled to arrive the day before and the delivery gets delayed and you don’t have it on time.

When it comes to your menu it should be simple, healthy, tasty and plentiful without being overly extravagant and wasteful. It is also a good idea to not use the party to experiment with new cuisines or foods you have never prepared before. partyYou don’t want to run into cooking problems and the food either not be ready for the guests or not be tasty – it will set a bad mood for your party. It can be more pleasing to set up your food in different corners of your living or family room allowing for your guests a better chance of mingling. Select a minimum of four specialty dishes that may include your dessert.


Now that the décor is set and the food is planned, it is time to make your wine or spirit selections. If a majority of your guests like wine, then pair each dish with a different wine. You can display the bottle with the food to add to your décor. Use each food station to not only hold your wine but also the wine glasses. By putting all the pieces together at each station (décor, food and wine) you may help in inspiring conversation.


Ultimately, behind every great party is a great host. If you spend your party waiting on your guests versus mingling, you may not have an enjoyable time which can keep your guests from having a good time as well. If this could be your outcome, it may be beneficial to either plan your food to be easy to refill or add to your party budget to hire help to keep everything stocked.


Holiday-party-mainWith all of these tips now in your arsenal, not only are you destined to have a fabulous party, you will also be the party host of choice for years to come.

“Fit Friday” instead of Black Friday!

Fitness Director David Schlueter, Tennis Director Richard Centerbar and Head Tennis Pro Natalia Correa

After all of the turkey, stuffing, sides, desserts and spirits consumed yesterday at the Thanksgiving table, today is the day to burn it all off. Some choose to shop until they drop today with Black Friday sales, while some choose to keep today as “Fit Friday” with some “Work Off the Turkey Cardio Tennis” alongside Boca Grove Tennis Director Richard Centerbar, Fitness Director David Schlueter and Head Tennis Pro Natalia Correa.



The hour long tennis cardio session started at 9 am with some warm-ups.

  • IMG_7612The ladies started by side-stepping back and forth down the net while tossing a tennis ball to their partner on the other side.
  • The willing participants then weaved in and out while practicing their forehand and backhand swings to warm up their arms and step exercising to warm up their legs.

Once everyone was warmed up, the real fun began.

  • IMG_7634The first cardio session was hitting 2 shots, one from back court and one from the front of the court, and then running down the side of the court to either weave between small hurdles or do ladder exercises to only return to the other side of the net to do it all over again several times.
  • Next was a session of hitting 2 forehand shots at the back of the court and the exercises down the sides of the court. Repeat a few times more.
  • Then it went to two backhand shots at the back of the court followed by side court exercises. Repeat again.
  • IMG_7685It was then time to work on lob shots. The ladies started in the front of the court and ran to the opposite back corner to hit the lob shot back and then do more exercises down the side before heading back for more several times.
  • Next was cross court shots. Back, middle and front before doing some more fun side court exercises. Changing sides and doing it all over again and again.
  • IMG_7700For the final cardio session, the ladies were targeting with front drop shots to work on their power shots to then run backwards, run the ladders in the back and change sides. Repeat some more.

Cardio done, time for some toning exercises.

  • IMG_7720Half the ladies did medicine ball tennis, while the other half worked their triceps and legs.

Time to cool down.

  • Before it was time to depart, it was time to stretch. Legs, arms and everything in between got stretched so the burn wouldn’t hurt as bad later.


IMG_7732Team high-fives, requests for a holiday cardio tennis round and smiling faces made the hour well worth it and the guilt from yesterday’s eating extravaganza made it a little more bearable.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Made Delicious!

FD005256Thanksgiving is full of delicious food surrounded by those you are thankful for and then comes the leftovers. You can only have so many turkey sandwiches and re-heated sides before enough is enough. Thanks to Boca Grove Executive Chef Dominick Laudia the standard leftovers are no longer necessary. Here is Chef Dominick’s “Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffing Croquettes with Candied Yam Mash, Cranberry Jelly and Giblet Gravy.”


Turkey Stuffing Croquette

2 cups   turkey meat, diced

2 cups   stuffing (plain or sausage)

1 each   egg



Combine turkey, stuffing and egg.

Form into 8 cylinders or tube shapes.

Chill or freeze until firm.


Croquette Breading

1 cup     flour

2 each   eggs, beaten

1 cup     plain bread crumbs



Dredge turkey croquettes in flour, then egg and roll in bread crumbs.

Deep fry in 350 degree oil until golden brown.


Candied Yam Mash

2 cups   leftover candied yams

1 oz.      heavy cream, warm



Warm up yams in microwave.

Mash and add cream.



Giblet Gravy, warm

Cranberry Jelly


To Plate:

Place 4 oz. of candied yam mash on your plate.

Top with 2 croquettes.

Drizzle with leftover hot giblet gravy and garnish with cranberry jelly.

Makes 4 servings.


Tie your napkin around your neck and get ready for Thanksgiving dinner all over again in one scrumptious bite.


Tips for Better Conversation Just in Time for Thanksgiving!

dialogue smaller“Better Conversation Week” always falls on the same week of Thanksgiving and for good reason. This week marks the beginning of the holiday season full of family dinners and parties with friends and lots of opportunities for conversations to arise. Below are tips from a Reader’s Digest article to help make you a better conversationalist.


  1. Avoid unnecessary details.

If portions of your story are not needed to get the point across, leave them out. Stay away from sidetracking the conversation.


  1. Don’t ask another question before the previous one is answered.

If you asked someone about their family or job, don’t intervene with another question or your own information in regards to your family or job.

  1. Do not interrupt while the other person is speaking.

Try and keep your information short and to the point, that way no one will interrupt the conversation.


  1. Do not contradict, especially if it is not important.

By contradicting you are inserting information into a person’s story that is usually not necessary. “The person who contradicts, frequently restates the matter in another way.”


  1. Do not do all the talking.

Ask questions to keep the other person or people involved in the conversation. It will keep the conversation from being one sided.


  1. Don’t always be the hero of the story.

Every story needs a hero, but it does not need to be you at all times. You can build up the others in the story along with yourself.


  1. Choose a subject of shared interest.

Don’t keep the conversation based on one topic if that is not the interest of all the parties involved.


  1. Be a good listener.

If you follow the above rules, listening will come naturally.


  1. The conversation should be in harmony with the environment.

Do not “talk about cheese when the moon would be a more fitting topic.” Also, silence can sometimes be appropriate.


  1. Do not exaggerate.

Not everything is “the best”, “the worst”, or “the funniest.”


  1. Do not misquote.

“Use the quotation for the occasion; do not make an occasion for the quotation.”


  1. Develop tact.

There is no need to be untruthful, but there is also no need to be hurtful. Do not use the conversation to comment on how someone looks whether they look tired, sick or unwell. It will make the other person uncomfortable and in turn halt your conversation. Keep with the old saying, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Remember, silence is ok at times.
Here is to making this holiday season filled with good conversation.




The Boca Grove Gift Guide for Golfers!

holiday-gift-guide-2015It is that time of year again for gift giving! You make your list and check it twice, but the question lingers of what gifts to get. We are here to help you figure out what could be the perfect gift for particular golfers, especially the most difficult ones.


Golf Techie!

Do you have that person on your list who IMG_7448loves technology and the best gadgets in town? The Boca Grove Pro Shop has just what you need to fill the order – Golf Buddy GPS units. We carry a style for every type: the BB5, the LR5, the PT4 and the VS4. Now what is the difference? The BB4 is a wrist band that not only gives you your yardage on the course, but it also gives you the time, how many steps you have taken and much more. The LR5 is your classic laser range finder, but compact and easy to store. The PT4 is an advanced handheld GPS unit that has a digital scorecard, different views of the green, helps you see hazards and targets, and can be easily mounted to a golf cart with its slim and lightweight design. The VS4 can clip to your hat, your belt loop or be attached to a wrist band to give you a personal talking GPS. Whatever the price range and preference of the player, there is an option for everyone.


Sun Smart Golfer!

IMG_7440Is there a golfer on your list who is smart when it comes to sun care? The Pro Shop at Boca Grove has something for all the sun smart golfers on your list starting right at the top. You could start off with a new hat, something wide brimmed (Aussie Chiller or Dorfman Pacific) or the classic baseball cap. If they need new sunglasses, we’ve got those too in our Oakley case. Should long sleeves be more their preference, you can purchase them a new pair of sun sleeves to go with their favorite short sleeved polo or for the ladies, you can purchase a long sleeved sun shirt by Icikuls or Sun Soleil.


Traditional Golf Fanatic!IMG_7458

Everyone knows that one person who can’t have enough golf balls, the
newest golf club, a collection of golf gloves, a garage full of golf bags, and the travel bag for those golf trips they love to take. For this traditional golf fanatic, stop by the Boca Grove Pro Shop and pick up a little of everything to keep them stocked and ready to tee up whenever the mood strikes.


Golf Fashionista!
IMG_7505Maybe the golfer on your list is one who can never have enough golf shirts or shoes in their closet to make them happy. The Pro Shop can help their closet out with something new for both. Is it the guy who can’t get enough? Load him up with a new polo from Under Armour, Fairway & Greene, Callaway, Peter Millar, Ralph Lauren, Carnoustie or Chase 54. Does he need new shoes? Try a new pair of FootJoys, Ecco’s or Marc Joseph street shoes. IMG_7493The lady golfer on your list can always use a new polo, golf skirt or pair of shoes to complete her closet. Check out the lines from Polo, Jamie Sadock, Golftini, Jofit, Lisette, Daily Sport, Chase 54 or EP Pro to get an outfit she will love to add to her collection. While you are getting the new outfit get her a pair of shoes to match it by FootJoy, Ecco, Bion or Henry & Magda. The Boca Grove Pro Shop will even help you get the right size by putting in a personal order to make sure the golf fashionista on your list is satisfied.


Golfer Who Has Everything!

IMG_7471You could have the golfer on your list who has everything they need and more. The Boca Grove Pro Shop can even help you with the hard to find gifts with some accessories. We carry Yurbuds for the golfer who likes to listen to music while they practice and play. Maybe they like to change out their belts? We carry the NexBelt line. For the lady who has everything perhaps a new Bella ballmarker or shoe bag is the accessory they are looking for. IMG_7475Does the guy who has everything like cigars? We have those too!
You have your list and we have what you need! Bring
your list in to the Boca Grove Pro Shop and the staff will help you check all the golfers off with perfect gifts for each and every one of them!


Make This Thanksgiving Stress Free!

happy-thanksgivingDo you start to get anxiety when you think about getting ready for Thanksgiving? Do you stay awake at night thinking about what you have to do to make sure all the food is ready on time? Do you spend the holiday being miserable and stressed, instead of enjoying all that you are thankful for? Boca Grove’s Executive Chef Dominick Laudia has a check list for you to follow to help make your Thanksgiving as stress-free as possible, at least when it comes to getting the meal ready (we can’t help with the family).


Thanksgiving Meal Checklist:

 1 week to a few days prior:

  • Create your menu.
  • If guests are bringing side dishes, confirm with them now.
  • Clean out your refrigerator, make sure you have room for the turkey and your prep ahead side dishes.
  • Decide on fresh or frozen turkey.
  • If you chose the frozen route, place it in the fridge now. Allow one day per 5lbs of turkey for thaw time.


Day Before:

  • Prepare side dishes.
  • Prepare desserts.
  • If you have a separate dining room table, set the table.
  • Have a glass of wine.


Thanksgiving Day:

6 Hours Prior to Serving:

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Season your turkey and place it in a roasting pan in the oven.
  • Baste every 30 minutes.
  • Cook 15-18 minutes per pound, allow 20 minutes of time for the turkey to rest after cooking.
  • Check with a meat thermometer, the internal temperature needs to be 165 degrees.
  • Have a glass of wine.

 30-45 Minutes Prior:

  • Make turkey gravy.
  • Heat side dishes.
  • Place cold sides on the table.
  • Carve the turkey.
  • Put out hot sides.
  • Enjoy and finish the bottle of wine.

Feature-Thanksgiving-modern-classics-1200x800Follow this checklist and you will have a stress free holiday when it comes to the kitchen. However, if just looking at the checklist stresses you out, now may be the time to make reservations for Boca Grove’s Thanksgiving Family Style dinner.