A New Way to Teach.

golf month“National Golf Month” is at its close and two of our pros are ready for a new approach for the upcoming season. Boca Grove’s First Assistant Golf Pro Duke Trombetti went to a certification class that has him excited and ready to try a new approach to golf lessons. He and Assistant Pro Phillip Gabes can’t wait for the improvement in our members’ game to come from “Coaching” the game of golf versus “Teaching” it.


1. “Teaching” versus “Coaching”?
Golf is one of the only sports where you are “taught” how to play the game. In every other sport you are “coached” on how to play, given proper training, supervised at practice and helped to set goals.  Golf should be no different than any other sport. Professionals have coaches, why shouldn’t you?
2. What is involved in “Coaching”?
Golf is a complicated game that is not easily mastered and it takes more than reading magazine tips, watching videos or taking a few lessons here or there to fully learn the game. This is where coaching comes in. The concept of coaching will help you develop your skills across all of “The Four Steps to Mastery”: Understanding Cause and Effect, Supervised Practice, Transfer Training and Play.

3. Step 1: Understanding Cause and Effect.
This is the assessment stage where the Golf Coach will go through drills to understand the current performance level and to set realistic goals to achieve what can be accomplished. This stage is the key factor in determining a player’s motivation for improving, assessing their level of availability and commitment, determining which skills will provide the greatest improvement, establishing the hierarchy of skills to be developed and providing a clear concept of what will be learned and how. This is the foundation of the coaching experience.

4. golf coachStep 2: Supervised Practice.
Many times a golfer does not play to their full potential because they never fully learn what they are taught in a lesson. It may have been tried a few times, but it did not get stored in their brain. This step focuses on deliberate practice, guidance and effective feedback. A Golf Coach will not leave practice up to chance; they will instead design, encourage, facilitate and supervise practice. Golf Coaches will create a learning environment where their players can participate in regular practice activities, making it deliberate practice.

5. Step 3: Transfer Training.
In this step the Golf Coach creates conditions that facilitate the progression of a player’s skill from one that is a conscious effort to one that is automatic, therefore transfer training. When a skill becomes automatic, or transfer trained, then the player can focus on external targets, general swing triggers and course strategy, and let go of specific technical swing positions. How often are we in a competitive environment on the course and we “choke”? This step works on making this not happen. When “choking” on the course happens it helps to reveal to a Golf Coach what is weak in a player’s game and that it is something that needs to be focused on and learned to make sure we don’t revert back to old habits. This also brings on practice sessions that focus on pressure and course conditions by taking the player on the course and doing “transfer training”.

6. Step 4: Play
This step focuses on coaches taking their players on the course to observe and coach them while they are actually playing. The Golf Coach will spend this step helping players manage on-course interference with intensity management, attention control, thought control and focus of energy.

7. Change in Lessons.
With Golf Coaching changing the way of teaching, so will the change come to lessons. Instead of a lesson here or there it becomes a commitment between the coach and the player(s). There is a set monthly fee that devotes specific time to develop “The Four Steps of Mastery” on a weekly basis either individually or as a team of 4. This will save money by not paying lesson to lesson but by one set cost (like when you get a series of lessons – but better).


Duke and Phillip cannot wait to delve into this new thought of teaching and coaching a great team of players.


(For more information and pricing call the Boca Grove Pro Shop at 561-488-2582.)

Golf Technology at Boca Grove.

IMG_4613August is coming to an end, as is “National Golf Month”. As we start to move into fall and hopefully cooler weather, golf games start to pick up. If you play golf competitively, or even socially, you want to have your game at the best it can be. Boca Grove First Assistant Pro Duke Trombetti is here to help make your game the best it can be with a little help from the technology with the FlightScope.


  1. What is FlightScope?
    1. FlightScope is a 3-D Doppler Tracking Golf Radar.
    2. Ball measurement and swing analysis.
  2. What does FlightScope measure?
    1. FlightScope measures 27 variables that are related to the ball, club or swing.
    2. The machine follows the ball trajectory immediately after it is hit giving you instant comprehensive ball measurement.
  3. FlightScope Variables.
    1. Ball Data:IMG_4634
      1. Ball Speed
      2. Vertical Launch Angle
      3. Horizontal Launch Angle
      4. Vertical Descent Angle
      5. Smash Factor
      6. Spin Rate
      7. Carry DistanceIMG_4633
      8. Roll
      9. Total Distance
      10. Lateral Landing
      11. Apex Height
      12. Flight Time
      13. Shot Dispersion
      14. Distance to Pin
      15. Skills Score
    2. Club Data:
      1. Club Speed
      2. Club Speed Profile
      3. Club Acceleration Profile
      4. Face Angle
      5. Face to PathIMG_4636
      6. Dynamic Loft
      7. Angle of Attack
      8. Club Path
      9. Vertical Swing Plane
      10. Horizontal Swing Plane
      11. Spin Loft
  4. How do you read all of this? 
    1. FlightScope tracks each shot and immediately provides the data on the iPad screen.
    2. Graphs and charts are available for viewing as well.
    3. Golf Professional can explain what it all means.
  5. What does this do for you?
    1. FlightScope can help you see how you hit the ball and why it goes in the direction it goes.
    2. It will help you improve your golf swing.
    3. It will allow the professional working with you to re-work your swing to get the results you want from the game.
  6. What’s next?
    1. Take a lesson using the FlightScope (http://bocagrove.org/Golf/Instruction_Clinics.aspx).
    2. Call the Boca Grove Golf Shop to make an appointment (561-488-2582).
    3. Hit some shots on the range and let the FlightScope do the rest.

Duke looks forward to seeing you on the range with his FlightScope in hand. You will never look at a golf swing or your ball flight the same again after this.

Golfing for Juniors.

Event-JR-GolfGolf month is at the halfway point and what better way to celebrate than with tips on getting the youngest players excited about the game. Boca Grove Assistant Golf Professional Phillip Gabes has some tips on how to get juniors on the course and wanting to play!

  1. FUN. The primary focus is to have fun.
  2. Juniors must learn the game first, as just that, a GAME.
  3. It is okay for them to make mistakes, as mistakes help them learn. Parents: Remember that they don’t need to have a perfect swing right from the start.
  4. When they enjoy the game, they want to get better at it.072208 033
  5. Too much focus on the technical side of the game early on tends to make learning golf for young players more of a chore than a game.  Save that for when they are comfortable with the basics.
  6. Make games out of practice. For example, put a hula hoop on the putting green for them to putt to instead of the regular holes. This gives them an easier task and a sense of accomplishment when they succeed.
  7. For junior golfers it is best to focus on the fundamentals when they are learning the game. Focus on grip, alignment and posture first and then work through the rest. Teaching them the entire swing at too young of an age can make them frustrated quickly and not wanting to learn.
  8. ALWAYS focus on the positive of a shot. Kids like to impress, so always try and find something positive about each shot. Extra tip: Even if they miss, you can let them know how great their swing was and that it was the ball that snuck out of the way.
  9. Junior lessons as a group or individual are great opportunities for kids to learn from peers, as well as professionals. Boca Grove has junior clinics every Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. (http://bocagrove.org/Golf/Junior_Golf.aspx), as well as private lessons available for one-on-one help. Call the shop to sign up or get more information (561-488-2582).


Phillip can’t wait to see the juniors out practicing on the range, joining the clinics or honing in on their skills in a lesson.

Putting Practice Made Fun.

Don't Miss!How many golfers out there like to practice putting? I don’t know many, but I do know when you make a game out of it (really anything) it is easier to bear. Here are two ways to spice up your putting practice from Jordan Spieth and his golf coach Cameron McCormick from Golf Digest.


Gate Crasher:
Spieth likes to start this particular game at the beginning of his putting warm up. Why? It helps him dial in his accuracy before he heads out on the course. To perfect this game, it is key to keep your body steady and make solid strokes.

Game set-up: Find a dead-straight putt that is eight to 10 feet long. Place two ball markers at almost halfway between your ball and the hole. Set the markers up just wide enough apart that a ball can roll between them.

Goal of the game: Hit putts that not only roll between the two markers but also go in the hole. Simple, right? Make is competitive by playing against someone and earn points. Give yourself a half point for getting the ball through the markers and a full point for making it in the hole. The player with the most points after a predetermined number of putts wins the game.


Leap Frog:
Trying to work on your speed? Then get ready to leap, that is what Spieth does.

Game set-up: Place a ball marker on the green five feet away from you on a mild upslope or downslope.

Goal of the game: The goal is to putt the ball to the marker while trying to stop the ball no more than six inches past the marker. That is only half of it though. To make it more challenging you have to predict right after the ball leaves your putter whether it was successful and where it will end up. No matter the outcome, putt another ball and try to get it to reach the first ball, not going more than six inches past and predict again the outcome. Continue this until you get to 10 feet out.

Make it interesting: Keep score with this game too whether playing against someone or by yourself. This time however your goal is to get the least amount of points. Points work by adding a point every time you areunsuccessful with your putt and prediction, or just the prediction. (Remember the point of the game is to work on developing your feel, so prediction is key!) You get a half a point if your putt is unsuccessful, but your prediction is correct. If your putt is good and so is your prediction than you don’t add any points. When playing against someone the person with the least amount of points by the time you get to 10 feet wins. If you are playing alone then the goal is to try and beat your lowest score.

Go the distance: This game can be tailored to go to any length. If you have struggle with speed on long putts than play the game from 20, 30 or 40 feet. However, remember that the longer the putt the longer the roll out distance should be. For example, if you are playing from a 30-foot putt, a good putt will leave you no more than 18 inches out, and don’t forget to predict!


Get on the practice putting green and give these games a try. You may find yourself practicing your putting longer and enjoying it while you are doing it. As they always say, “Drive for show, putt for dough” and after this you will be bringing home some more dough!

Get Golf Month Started Right with the Perfect Golf Stretches.

Before every game of golf, you should stretch, so with that being said our first “Tee Time Tuesday” for “National Golf Month” brings some stretches for every golfer. Boca Grove Fitness Director David Schlueter is here to make sure all limbs are stretched before you hit the tee.


  1. Golf MonthStability Ball Twists. Sit on a large stability ball with a smaller ball squeezed between your knees. Keep your bottom half quite, twist your torso with your arms extended, twisting from side to side. This is loosening the back muscles you use when you swing, plus increasing your flexibility to turn.
  2. Golf Month-001Hip Rotation. Lay your back on the ground, bend your knees and place your hips on a stability ball. Extend your arms out and keeping your shoulders on the ground twist your hips from side to side. This will loosen your hips and lower back before you play.

  3. Golf Month-002Stretching Machine.
    The Boca Grove Fitness Center has a stretching machine that lists stretches for specific needs and one of them is for golfers. Two important ones are the hamstring stretch and the lower back stretch, both vital parts of the golf swing.
  4. IMG_4694Side Stretch. Stand with your feet spread. One foot pointing forward and the other at an angle. With your arms extended out start sliding your arm down the side of the body with the toe pointed on an angle. Go as far as you can to stretch your side, switch sides and change toe directions.
  5. Golf Month-003Turn Stretch. At the pull machine set the weight to the heaviest weight. Extend as though in your back swing to reach the rope and stretch. Do the same on the opposite side.


Your back is stretched as are your hips and legs, so get out on the course so you can grip it and ripe it right down the fairway with no injuries in sight.


Are You Ready for a Scavenger Hunt?

scavengerhunt“Tee Time Tuesday” and “National Scavenger Hunt” day have found each other. So, in the proper fashion I have devised a Boca Grove Golf Course Scavenger Hunt! The clues are not in hole order and some are harder than others, so get your clubs and cart ready and hit the course to play along.


  1. Find the hole that has “Pressman’s Bridge”.
  2. Find the hole that if you drive too far left, over hit the corner or miss the green to the right when going for it from the tee will put you in H2O.
  3. Find the par 3 that lines Boca Grove Boulevard.
  4. Find the hole with four bunkers down the left and none on the right.
  5. Find the hole that has homes around it that are on Frontenac, Valencia, Hamlin and Oakley.
  6. Find the hole that has 2 greenside bunkers on the left.
  7. Find the hole with the “Boca Grove” bridge with water on the right of the hole and front of the green.
  8. Find the hole that has two approaches to the green that are divided by bunkers.
  9. Find the par 3 that doesn’t have any water on it.
  10. Find the hole that has water at the tee, down the left side and crossing the front left of the green.
  11. Find the hole that has 40 palm trees down the entire left side.
  12. Find the hole that has a round fairway bunker at its corner for long shots and a round bunker that protects the center of the green.
  13. Find the hole with the curvy wooden bridge and water down the entire left side.
  14. Find the hole whose curve is protected by a waste bunker and palm trees making a cut shot a little harder.
  15. Find the par 4 that has a narrow fairway before the green with water on its left and right.
  16. Find the hole with plants that you must cross from the tee and water you must cross at the green.
  17. Find the hole that is a dog-leg right and runs the side of the driving range.
  18. Find the hole with two fairway bunkers on the right side, and water and a bunker on the front-left side of the green.


Hole 1_10Your round is down and I hope you had fun. Did you find all the holes? Do you know the Boca Grove course better than anyone? Send your answers to hdupree@bocagrove.org and check to see if you aced the test!


*Looking for clues…maybe the online course tour can help…http://bocagrove.org/Golf/Course-Tour.aspx.

The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Mother!

FORE! Head’s up! Mother’s Day is right around the corner, okay, it is 6 days away. Yes 6 days away! Don’t know what to get that mother who loves you to the moon and back? We here at Boca Grove Golf and Tennis Club are here to help you. Is your mother a golfer? Does she like to wear cute clothes while on the links or have the perfect accessories? Than we have just what you need right in the Golf Pro Shop!


For the mother who loves to dress perfectly on and off the course. We have something for every woman. Skirts, pants, and tops galore. She wants it, we have it!

Retail Clothes4

Retail Clothes3


Does she have a closet full of clothes and doesn’t need another stitch of it. We have the accessories to go with all of those clothes. Jewelry, glasses and cute bags in store!

Retail Clothes1

Retail Clothes2


She has the clothes and the accessories already? You are still stuck? Don’t fret we have something to help you through. Get her the perfect addition to her game…a pretty ballmarker, a cute headcover, a pair of shoes, a new hat, a golf bag or a cute bag to hold all her golf accessories.

Retail Clothes


Wrap them up tight, tie them with a pretty bow and give it to her with all your love. We love our MOMS just as much as they love us!

From the Greens of Boca Grove.

South Florida has been having some interesting weather this winter, and by interesting we mean wet and not from snow. Boca Grove’s Director of Golf Course Operations Rafael Barajas wants to share what the USGA Regional Update has to say about this interesting weather that comes from El Niño.


El Niño.

For many months’ weather forecaster have been predicting a strong El Niño. It was hoped by many in the Southeast Region that the predictions would be wrong, unfortunately they were not and El Niño is here and causing some concern.


What is El Niño?
“The term El Niño refers to the ocean-atmosphere climate interaction linked to a periodic warming in sea surface temperatures across the central and east-central equatorial Pacific. Typically, the El Niño effect causes increased rainfall in the southern United States during the winter months. golfintherainIn fact, it has rained 32 of the past 45 days in the West Palm Beach area. For comparison, the 30-year average for this same timeframe in West Palm Beach is 12 days.”


How does El Niño affect golf course in southern regions?

There are several ways that El Niño affects golf course. Mainly, increased rainfall creates wet environments and softer playing conditions. Here are some other affects that were seen during recent USGA Course Consulting Visits:

  • Increased stress on greens and collars
  • Frequent plugged lies
  • Short roots and larger ball marks on the green
  • More “mud balls” in fairways
  • Less ball roll in fairways
  • Tire rutting from mowers and golf carts
  • Higher-than-normal water levels in lakes and ponds

“The combination of wet, cool and cloudy conditions can cause considerable turf stress. Turfgrasses need sunlight for growth. Prolonged cloudy weather causes turf to deplete carbohydrate reserves that are stored in roots, weakening the root system. Roots take up oxygen from soil and saturated soils make it nearly impossible for weakened roots to survive.”


How can we protect our golf course?

Ultimately, drier weather and more sunlight is needed. Here are a few tips the USGA recommends for improving our turf health and playability at Boca Grove:

  1. Monitor soil moisture and reduce overhead irrigation – Many clubs have not applied irrigation since before Christmas time, and root zones still remain saturated because of the large amount of rainfall. By keeping track of soil moisture and reduce watering as much as possible we will stay aware of the turf moisture.
  2. Increase mowing heights on greens – They recommend to not mow the greens low to keep them from getting stressed. By sacrificing a little playability and tolerating slightly slower conditions we are benefiting our turf health. “Turfgrass leaves are like miniature solar panels.” By providing greater leaf area with increased mowing heights will allow the turf to create more energy through photosynthesis, promoting turf health and deeper roots.
  3. Vent greens regularly with solid-tine aeration – “Venting with small, ‘pencil’ tines – e.g., 0.25-inch diameter solid tines – is recommended on a monthly basis during normal winter months.” Some courses are venting their greens as often as every two weeks. “Venting improves rooting by relieving soil compaction and increasing soil oxygen.”
  4. Use plant protectants – Fungicides are being applied at many courses to reduce disease and improve turf growth. “Leaf spot and Pythium diseases have been among the most common pathogens on golf courses over the past few weeks.”
  5. Manage golfer traffic – The ropes and stakes you see in wet areas on the course are there to reduce cart traffic stress on the turf. Also, more courses than usual have gone to “cart path only” policies during this past month because of these overly saturated soil conditions.
  6. Implement a fairway topdressing program – “Mud balls” are a common problem when fairway soil stays saturated and are caused by an undiluted layer of organic matter on the ground surface. This layer is thick and spongy causing more plugged lies and an increase of mud on balls. Fairway topdressing is costly, but it improves playability with adding to surface firmness which in turn helps reduce the occurrence of “mud balls” in the fairway from excessive organic matter.


Hole 1_10From the Greens at Boca Grove we hope you understand a little more about the weather conditions of El Niño and the effect it is having on our golf course, as well as the precautions we are taking to keep our course in the best condition possible.

From the Greens of Boca Grove.

RafaelFrom the desk of Rafael Barajas:

What an honor and privilege it is to serve the Boca Grove family as your Director of Golf Course Operations. The employees and members I’ve had the pleasure of meeting have all contributed significantly to the warm welcome I have felt during my first month.

My primary goal during the first 30 days was to get to know the golf course and staff, meet the membership and gain an understanding of the club’s traditions and culture.  Although clubs are very similar in some respects, every club has a unique culture and environment. Understanding the club at this fundamental level helps bring clarity to the planning process and will be very informative as I move forward in working towards maximizing the member experience on the golf course.


In addition to creating consistency on the overall maintenance of the golf course and green speeds, there is a need to do the same for the Club’s landscape and attention to detail. There have been some challenges since my arrival, some we have control of and can make the necessary adjustments to minimize the impact to the golf course, but unfortunately there are others beyond our control, such as the current weather we are experiencing.


Bermuda-GrassBermuda Grass is a warm season perennial species adapted to tropical and subtropical climates. It grows best under extended periods of high temperatures, mild winters and moderate to high rainfall. Temperature is the main environmental factor that strengthens its adaptability to tropical and subtropical areas of the world. However, when average temperatures drop below 50°F growth stops and the grass begins to discolor. At the onset of low temperatures in the winter, Bermuda Grass begins to discolor. Discoloration comes from protein fractions changing in composition and reserved carbohydrates increasing in the stems and rhizomes causing the loss of the green coloring and turning the blades brown. When low temperatures remain below 50°F leaves and stems of Bermuda Grass remain dormant until average daily temperatures rise above 50°F for several days. The roots and rhizomes of Bermuda Grass continue to grow several weeks after the leaves and stems stop growth. This species of grass makes the best growth when average daily temperatures are above 75°F. Optimum daytime temperature for Bermuda Grass is between 95° and 100°F.



Bermuda Grass has a high light requirement and does not grow well under low light (shaded) conditions. The duration of the light period (day length) also influences growth and development of Bermuda Grass. Both increased light intensity and day length escalates rhizome, stolon and leaf growth in Bermuda Grass. At low light intensities (less than 60% full sunlight) Bermuda Grass develops narrow, elongated leaves, thin upright stems, elongated internodes and weak rhizomes. Consequently, Bermuda Grass develops a very sparse turf under moderately shaded conditions.


It is normal for the golf course and greens to lose the green color due to the current unseasonal weather, however, this will be for a short time. As soon as the weather becomes normal with warmer temperatures the golf course will be lush green again.

Rafael Barajas, CGCS
Director of Golf Course Operations

Boca Grove Facts and Figures!

Trivia_Page_PicToday is “Trivia Day” so to celebrate here is some Boca Grove facts and figures to use at the dinner table for a night of Boca Grove Trivia.

  • Boca Grove was originally an orange grove plantation. Hence our name Boca Grove Plantation.
  • Boca Grove has 444 residences.
  • Of these residences 240 are single family estate homes.
  • The remaining homes are comprised of condos, apartments, townhomes and zero-lot line homes.
  • Boca Grove is the home of an 18-hole Jim Fazio Championship golf course.
  • Seasoned and highly acclaimed Golf Course Superintendent Rafael Barajas recently came to Boca Grove as our new Golf Superintendent.
  • Tennis Director Richard Centerbar in his tenure at Boca Grove has brought professional athletes to play our courts, as well as won awards and held positions in the USPTA Florida and USPTA National.
  • Boca Grove has a red clay stadium tennis court that has had the likes of touring pros Andy Murray, Kevin Anderson and Grigor Dimitrov practice on it with tennis legend Ivan Lendl.
  • The tennis department also has 12 Har-tru courts with 6 of them lit for night play.
  • Boca Grove also has a beach court for beach volleyball and beach tennis.
  • Our Fitness Department offers innovative programs for all levels of fitness.
  • The pool is Olympic-sized to help with swimming laps and staying fit.
  • Our littlest members have a playground and a basketball court to enjoy.
  • We have award winning Chef Dominick Laudia as our Executive Chef.
  • All of our Clubhouse dining facilities look out to the golf course.
  • Boca Grove is proud to host events from an intimate family dinner to the most extravagant of affairs.trivia word in wood type

Now that you are well versed in Boca Grove, put friends and family to the test with a round of Boca Grove Trivia tonight in honor of “Trivia Day”.